9 Natural Ways to Treat a Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

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Yeast infections are common during pregnancy. In fact being pregnant puts you at an even higher risk of them. Here you’ll discover why, along with some simple ways to treat your infection naturally.


These infections are caused when the yeast-like Candida fungus in your body over-grows out of control. Although this fungus is normally kept in check by your body’s good bacteria, there are certain conditions that can allow the Candida to grow and spread.

The main conditions that can help trigger this Candida overgrowth are; a compromised immune system, friendly bacteria depletion, hormonal imbalance, high blood sugar, pH imbalance, and even some drug therapies. So you need to bear in mind the following…

Your diet can affect the growth of the Candida fungus. For example, high sugar and refined carbohydrate diets lead to high blood sugar which the fungi feed on.

Another factor is the taking of antibiotics which can kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. And stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, illness and even poor diet can certainly lower your immune system.

The key additional factor that can help trigger fungal overgrowth during pregnancy is the changing hormone levels that occur during pregnancy.

In addition, the fungi adore the dark, moist, warm areas of your body, which is one of the reasons why vaginal yeast infections are so common.


The typical symptoms to be aware of are; itching, redness, inflammation, thickish white discharge, painful urination, and painful sex.

The problem is that these are also possible signs of other problems, not just yeast infection. So you should contact your doctor at the first signs to get a proper diagnosis. Never self-diagnose, particularly when pregnant.


The good news is that yeast infections during pregnancy cannot harm your unborn child.

Treatments for yeast infections while pregnant are generally topically applied creams and suppositories. It’s not usually advisable to take any oral medication when expecting.

And given that no drug can ever be considered 100% safe, especially during pregnancy, you must always consult with your doctor about the most appropriate medication for your particular case, don’t self-medicate.

However, for those of you who don’t like the idea of taking any drugs at all whilst pregnant, there are several natural ways to treat your yeast infection during pregnancy…


1. Cut-out sugar and sugar products from your diet. Include refined carbohydrates in this as they break down into sugar.

2. And, in terms of your diet, talk to your doctor about a healthy diet plan taking into consideration both you and your unborn baby’s needs.

3. Make sure to get proper rest and sleep during pregnancy. And do all that you can to reduce the stress in your life.

4. Never use scented feminine hygiene products and don’t douche. This can upset the pH balance inside the vagina which can trigger a candida overgrowth.

5. Don’t use scented toilet paper for the same reason given above. And wipe from front to back, never back to front as this can transfer fungi from the anus to the vagina.

6. Avoid wearing tight man-made fibre underwear that can trap heat and moisture in and around your vaginal area. Wear looser cotton underwear so that you keep the area clean and dry.

7. If you’ve been prescribed antibiotics then don’t take them longer than advised by your doctor. You might want to ask them if there are alternatives.

8. Eat plain, natural yogurt everyday. But it has to be sugar-free and contain live cultures, so check the label. These live cultures are beneficial bacteria. You can also apply it over the area and / or coat a tampon and insert every night until the symptoms abate.

9. Raw garlic has powerful antifungal properties. Crush a peeled clove into a paste and apply over the area. You can also make a tampon by wrapping a peeled clove in muslin or gauze (leaving a tail for removal) and insert overnight. Repeat until the symptoms go away.

The key points to take away with you are that…

- yeast infections are common during pregnancy.

- you need to confirm with your doctor that you do have one.

- there are medications available but be guided by your doctor.

- yeast infections won’t harm baby.

- you need to address the underlying causes not just the symptoms.

- there are natural ways to treat yeast infections, a few of which you’ve seen here.

You can now see that there’s no need to get stressed and anxious about your infection, it can be cleared up quite quickly and easily, and won’t affect your baby. And so here’s to your happy event!

To get even more information on natural cures for yeast infections you may wish to visit: http://how-to-get-rid-of-a-yeast-infection.blogspot.com.

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